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Masjid Construction Update

Alhamdulillah, after ongoing efforts and constant dialogue Jamia Masjid Bilal Wolverhampton has been given the approval for the construction of the New Masjid. You may have noticed the Architects plans on the notice board or on this website, These have been passed and the go ahead has been given to construct as per plans.

The Plans include a Beautiful Dome and Minarets which should feature in built lifts to take attendees to the second floor, The Masjid therefore will span over two floors and open areas for Childrens Study and further more facilities.

We are grateful and highly appreciative with the ongoing support from all of you from the community, However we still have a long way to go and require more funds to continue in this phase of construction. Please be generous and support the creation of our masjid.

As you may have noticed the drawings on notice board have been updated and work has now started ate the front elevation which is why it has been sectioned off. InshaAllah this phase will be completed in the coming months with your support. meanwhile please see the updated drawings of the proposal.


for more info you may speak to brother Asif, member of committee at the Masjid.

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