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MashaAllah, for those of you who may have noticed, the Land adjacent to the masjid has been recently put up for sale, There was an interest for this land by the Masjid as it may serve to be useful for future expansion or Use. Unfortunately the Masjid has other financial commitments and had decided not to put in an offer for this Land. However an announcement was made at Jummah that if anyone is in position to acquire this Land for the purpose of the Masjid then this will be a great accomplishment.

Alhamdulillah we are proud to announce that this Land has been acquired by HAJI NOOR ELLAHI SAHIB, May Allah honour his family for such a noble cause. In future when the Masjid is ready the Land will then be considered to be part of the Plan and then acquired from Haji Sahib.

We are grateful and blessed that Allah grants us a strong community and big hearted and generous people amongst us. It shows our devotion to the deen and commitment to strentghen it. For all who have contributed may Allah increase your Rizq in Dunya and Akhira, However for any of us who can only give a little or nothing at the moment, Your sincere Prayers are of equal importance, Not everything in the sight of ALLAH is measured by financial commitment, What matters the most is the PURE INTENTIONS.

ALLAH bless you all endlessly.


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