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Signs of the last day

Signs of The Last Day- Trailer

In an ever changing world with rapid change, global warming, extreme weather systems, global war and merciless killing, earthquakes, Tsunamis, Astronomical activity, We can continue this list and interestingly it is becoming more frequent with time.

Jamia Masjid Bilal youth are excited to bring to you a programme about signs of the final hour, Probably the most spoken about topic in many circles today. Many people believe different things regarding this matter, It is true to say most people do believe In it. But what does ISLAM have to say about this event. Come and learn how various Islamic texts and narrations indicate that the time is near, learn about what are the prophecies about this final hour, the rise of the ‘DAJJAL’ or otherwise known as the ‘ANTI CHRIST’ the coming of ‘IMAM MAHDI ALAYHI SALAM’ and the return of one of Allah’s most honoured prophets, ‘ISA ALAYHI SALAM’ (JESUS SON OF MARY). What is to happen prior to this and what will happen during.

Have you ever wondered how possibly the Arab Spring and tensions in Syria may be signs of the final days, how the uprising against governments in Egypt and Turkey may be fuelling a change leading to global intervention? or perhaps how Major catastrophes such as Pakistan Earthquake, Haiti Eartquake, The great TSUNAMI, may all be signs from God? Their are many questions!

IMAM MUHAMMAD ASIM HUSSAIN returns once again to deliver a speech on this highly interesting topic. Come and learn what we all should know about, The Prophet Muhammed Sallalahu alayhi wasalam often sat with His Companions for hours speaking on this very topic. Let us re educate ourselves and gain benefit of knowledge.


arrangement for Men & Women, Live Video feed will be visible in womens hall In’sha’Allah

Food will be served at end.

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