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Drugs, Clubs and Thugs…

InshaAllah Jami Masjid Bilal is very keen to bring this great programme to our community.

We will be honoured to have the young and highly talented and gifted scholar of the seen, A pearl of wisdom and a Guidance for the youth, a truly heart touching and down to earth servant of Allah, at such a young age He has been honoured with immense knowledge and confidence and InshaAllah it is evident He shall become a world renowned speaker and established Alim. May Allah honour him and raise his ranks more and more and allow us all to benefit from him, He is Imam Muhammad Asim Hussain.

Grown up amongst the troubles of society and facing the illness of a shamanic dunya around him He still remained devout and committed to walk in the path of the deen and seek knowledge. Whilst many people he knew or grew up with were caught up in the affairs of dunya He was on his journey of seeking Islamic Guidance and spirituality.

Imam Muhammad Asim Hussain was born in Bradford and is 21 years old. The Imam began his primary education of Arabic Language at an early age of 15 and then went to Jamia Al-Karam (Retford) at the age of 16.

At Jamia Al-Karam, Imam Muhammad Asim began studying the traditional Dars-e-Nizami course over a period of three years. In July 2009 the Imam graduated and the opportunity of serving as an Imam arose through the guidance of his Shuyukh.

Two weeks after his graduation he was appointed the head Imam of Al-Madina Masjid in Barking, East London, a Masjid that holds up to 2,500 attendees on Jummah and Eid Prayers. He is currently the youngest serving Imam in a Masjid of this size in the United Kingdom. The Imam delivers the Friday and Eid sermons in English to accommodate the youth, he delivers regular lectures throughout the week on various issues such as fiqh, tafsir, hadith and Arabic Grammar.

Imam Sahib often visits many masjid’s around the country delivering lecturing and often appeals to the youth because of his age. He has recently began to speak abroad also as he was invited to Norway to deliver a lecture there.

The Youth of Wolverhampton are especially encouraged and requested to attend, this programme will not be like the typical Urdu speaking and Elders focussed programme, InshaAllah it will be primarily for the youth as it deals with topics concerning them.

Food will be served after the talk.

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