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    Welcome to the website of Jamia Masjid Bilal and Muslim Community Centre also known as Jamia Masjid Bilal of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat.

    Browse through the website to find information about prayer timetables, services we offer and information on different methods available to donate to the mosque.

    We are proud to announce our new website service which will InshaAllah serve as a communication hub for the community, we have many projects and new things happening at the masjid so keep tuned for news and updates.

    Masjid & Islamic Community Centre

    We have facilities for all 5 daily prayers for Men and Women. Funeral and Nikah Services, Childrens Madrassa, Education and Courses for Adults. Mawlid, Zikr and Naat Mehfils and much more. We are committed to strengthen our deen and share knowledge and practice of religious duties. We aim to serve as a Masjid should, to provide a platform for all.

    Jamia Masjid Bilal & Islamic Centre proactively works in creating partnerships with various organisations for collaborative working for mutual benefit locally, nationally and internationally. We constantly strive to improve service to community and have successfully created cross border partnerships.

    Prayer Times

    Please note prayer times for some of the Salah's change daily please refer to timetable for accurate timings

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    RAMADAN 2022

    Ramadhan 1443

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